Grenfell JonesGrenfell Jones MBE, better known as “Gren”, has produced a daily cartoon for the South Wales Echo for over 45 years. His cartoons have won him numerous awards including the much coveted UK Provincial Cartoonist of the year six times. Gren is a household name both in Wales and around the world and he is synonymous with everything Welsh. Gren’s gentle humour and unique artistic style of work have appeared in numerous books, calendars and record covers. Gren has received a gold disc from EMI for his work on the Max Boyce record cover “we all had doctors papers” the art work for the cover came second in the world to Pink Floyds “Dark side of the moon” cover. With the syndication of his work throughout the UK, Gren’s art continues to delight his audience on a regular basis. He is also the creator and producer of the Ponty and Pop cartoon strip which was set in the fictitious village of Aberflyarff. The cartoon strip enjoyed both radio and TV success. Gren was honoured by the variety club of Great Britain for his charitable work and a dinner was held in his honour.

Gren CartoonsIn 1990 Gren was awarded the MBE for his contribution of cartoons to the British public and this was presented to him by Her Majesty the Queen at Buckingham Palace. Gren is a highly respected and established artist and this has been reflected in both commercial and personal plaudits. In December 2008 HRH Prince William unveiled a 40 feet by 12 feet iron monumental art work depicting Gren’s Ponty and Pop cartoon characters. The iron work erected on the new Media Wales building 6 Park Street, Cardiff. The Gren name has been carried on with many products available via this website. For more than 10 years Gren Cartoons has been continued to be drawn by his eldest son Darryl, who continues to draw and compile the annual Grens’ official rugby addicts calendar. Darryl has developed GREN® into a brand and has manufactured various products for todays market including a rugby board game, rugby clothing, rugby training accessories (tackle bags, tackle wedges etc.)


Darryl shaking hands with prince William

(brother Chris to his right)